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Nature Strikes Back 
Collective artwork celebrating the character and community of Crowhurst

Crowhurst sits in an area of outstanding natural beauty in which trees are one of the dominant features of the landscape and environment. The art work proposed below will use the most common local woods – Oak, Chestnut, Silver Birch, Hornbeam etc. – to create a 7-piece wooden structure or 'henge'.  Each of the seven pieces of wood will present a component of Crowhurst life and the character and community of the village across time - from its Saxon-Norman heritage to a future represented by its young people.   
Golf / Bowls / Tennis / Cricket 
Crowhurst Community Arts 
Women's Institute 

Crowhurst Primary School
Crowhurst Playgroup
Beavers, Brownies, Cubs & Scouts 
Little Dragons & Discoverers
Youth Club
Quarry Wood 
Fore Wood 
Combe Haven Wetlands

Farming and Livestock
Crops and Horticulture 
St. Georges 
Baptist Church
Christian Healing Centre 
Other Crowhurst Retreats
Powder Mill 
1066 etc. Saxon/Norman
The Plough
Care Homes
Riding Schools
Village Market
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How the project will work
Four of the seven wood pieces will retain their natural bark.

One of these will be either carved or engraved with the name of the village. (This piece can be worked freely in any decorative way that the carver/engraver wishes.)
The remaining three will be decorated as follows:
Crowhurst Primary School
Suggestion: Each child puts a painted hand-print on one of the pieces of wood.
Crowhurst Youth Club
A project for the youth club members to decide. 
Crowhurst Community Arts
Can decorate one wood piece as they see fit.

(NB. This is open to offers should other groups and/or individuals wish to decorate more of the wood pieces than the three proposed.)
Each community group, business or relevant individual listed under the seven main headings above will then be provided with small discs of wood and/or small blank tiles which they can decorate in a way that represents their group. This could be a logo, a motto, a picture etc.

These wood or ceramic pieces will then be attached to the larger pieces of wood as illustrated below.


As each wood piece is decorated, it will be placed incrementally in the designated site which will ideally be somewhere on the grass verge at the Forewood Lane / Station Road intersection. Here it will be easily visible and enable all residents to watch the progress of the piece and their part in it.

(See below for suggested attachment types)