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Nature Strikes Back 

As the project starts to come together I will post regular updates here on the website. I have also created Facebook and Instagram pages for the project so if you use either (or both!) of those platforms please follow 'Crowhenge' and feel free to add your suggestions and comments. 
Shaped and trimmed.
Love the organey residue of the sycamore bark.   
Cleaned and first stage of shaping and bark removal done. Now waiting for my neighbour and his chainsaw to come over and trim them all to a standard length. 
​Here is the raw wood. The next stage will be cleaning, shaping, trimming it all to size and preparing the surfaces.
​​ RSPB Forewood  have very generously donated wood for the project and on Thursday March 7th, Phil Henderson (RSPB Forewood) and Ray White (Warden, Forewood) turned up in their truck with Silver Birch, Hornbeam, Oak and Chestnut.  Some pictures below. 
Collective artwork celebrating the character and community of Crowhurst

Crowhurst sits in an area of outstanding natural beauty in which trees are one of the dominant features of the landscape. The art work proposed below will use common local woods to create a 7-piece wooden structure. Each piece will represent components of Crowhurst life under these potential headings: Community, Environment, Heritage, Youth, Business, Farming and Sanctuary.
The rough sketch above shows how the project might work. Some of the seven wood pieces will retain their natural bark while others will be decorated. Preparing the seven pieces of the wood will be the first stage of the project. Ian Gordon, who is well known for his wood carving expertise and his knowledge of local heritage and history, has agreed to help decorate the central pillar of the henge. Hopefully Crowhurst Primary School, Crowhurst Youth Club and Quarry Wood will each be decorating a piece of the henge as well. Updates soon! 

The second stage of the project invites every community group, business and organisation to contribute something that can be attached to the relevant piece of wood. I can provide small ceramic or wooden discs that can be decorated in any way that represents the group, business, organisation or interest. This could be a logo, a motto, a picture etc. These decorated wood or ceramic pieces will then be attached to the ‘henge’ as in the rough sketch below:
A big thanks to those of you who have already got in touch about the project. I will soon start contacting as many of the community groups and organisations in the village as possible. As well as those who are already on board my list includes:  
  • Golf / Bowls / Tennis / Cricket / Football clubs
  • Crowhurst Community Arts 
  • Women's Institute 
  • Village Hall
  • Crowhurst Primary School & Playgroup
  • Beavers, Brownies, Cubs & Scouts 
  • Little Dragons & Discoverers Youth Club
  • Quarry Wood 
  • Fore Wood 
  • Combe Haven Wetlands
  • Crowhurst Farms
  • The Plough
  • Crowhurst Care Homes
  • Riding Schools
  • Village Market
  • Businesses listed in Crowhurst News
  • St. Georges Church & Coffee Shop
  • Baptist Church
  • Christian Healing Centre 
  • Powder Mill 
  • Ironworks
  • Railway
  • 1066 Saxon/Norman
  • Roman

This list is NOT final or definitive. It would be very helpful if people could contact me or advise me on other groups that I have not yet listed. Thank you. 
Individuals can also contribute their own unique objects. The objects must be small and easy to weatherproof and attach. (However, I can provide materials for individuals to use if requested).

As each wood piece is decorated, it will be placed incrementally on a site (TBC) in the village where it will be easily visible so that all residents can watch the progress of the piece and hopefully feel encouraged to contribute.

If you are interested in being a part of this project or have any questions and suggestions you can email me directly here: