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Nature Strikes Back 

The Crowhurst Sculpture Garden is a project being created on a small piece of land adjacent to my house in the village of Crowhurst in East Sussex.  It is very early days and a lot of work is still needed to make the space viable. However, thanks to the generosity of  Martin Adams and Esther Neslen , the garden already has two awesome pieces. In addition, three cast iron radiators removed from the house during a new boiler installation have also been given an entirely new life. ​​

Here are a few images of the garden so far but this project will be resumed more actively in Spring 2019. So watch this space.  

crowhurst sculpture garden
crowhurst sculpture garden
crowhurst sculpture garden
Also in relation to Crowhurst, I have just started developing a proposal for a village community artwork. It is at a very early stage but more info about the project with the working title of 'CrowHenge' can be seen by clicking the link below. 

CrowHenge: a Rural Community Project