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Nature Strikes Back 
It's Not Folking Funny
Although many folk songs reference a particular time and place in history, the common thread of timeless, human experience makes it always relevant to the present.  No subject or lyrical content is taboo and death is the foundation of everything.

The songs below may seem sad and melancholic but the beauty, artistry and emotional honesty of these performaces enables a thoughtful confrontation with the reality that we all must face.  

However, it's not all doom and gloom! 
Death can also be a rich source of humour and I love the British way of masking strong grief and emotion with comedy. It's a great coping strategy.  So the other video is taken from 'Stupid Deaths' a recurring sketch in the children's UK TV series, Horrible Histories (2009-2013) which featured historical figures explaining the circumstances of their particularly stupid deaths to the Grim Reaper. 
This 2002 accapella version of the 1920s folk song, O Death, is mesmerising from beginning to end. 
  June Tabor - My Resting Place
This haunting rendition of Morris Rosenfeld's (1862-1923) sad Yiddish song by has become synonymous with the cruel and unnecessary deaths of some 146 textile workers in a fire at the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory in 1911 in New York.
  Tom Waits - Dirt in the Ground
What does it matter, a dream of love
Or a dream of lies
We're all gonna be in the same place

  June Tabor - Lay This Body Down
Traditional African-American spiritual​

Stupid Deaths - Excerpts